About Us

We at Boost Buy is a one stop e-commerce platform for selective lifestyles needs give our customers the possibility of ordering from the selection of quality, 100% Natural products at an attractive price.Welcome to Boost Buy.lk, where you will find truly amazing prices and bargains for the latest and greatest products!

Customer Service:We believe that customers service matters and are always happy to assist you via phone, e-mail, social media or our live chat.

Convenience:By clicking through a few pages you will be just a few steps away from receiving any product you wish directly to your home.

No time. No petrol. School Traffic. Work traffic. Hate buses…. …No problem… We deliver to your doorstep… ISLAND WIDE!

Not sure if it’s the thing. No credit card… …No problem… Pay with Cash on Delivery…COD


With a growing product range, you will have the possibility to choose the product that you are looking for.