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  • Combat Crunch Bar

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    Fueling sport with a multi-layer baked protein bar!

    • HIGH PROTEIN: 20g

    Combat Crunch baked protein bars are made using a proprietary baking process for superior taste and a softer texture. The bars are high protein, with low active carbs and tons of fiber. Unlike hard-paste, “taffy-like” sports bars, Combat Crunch is like eating a soft-batch cookie.

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  • Immucor Coriander & Ginger Drink

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    ඉඟුරු කොත්තමල්ලි පානය
    උණ ,සෙම්ප්‍රතිශ්‍යාවට සහනය ගෙනෙයි .
    ශාරීරික වේදනා   සහ තෙහෙට්ටුව පහ කරයි
    සෙම් ආශ්‍රිත ගැටළු වලට ගුණ දායකයි
    අධික ලෙස කිඹුහුම් යාම , උගුර කැසීම , කැස්සට සහනය

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  • Now Foods Omega-3 Fish Oil 200 Softgels

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    This natural fish oil concentrate is manufactured under strict quality control standards. It is tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of contaminants such as PCBs, dioxins, mercury and other heavy metals.

    From the FDA’s website: Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

    Suggested Usage & Storage

    Take 2 softgels twice daily with food.

    Store in a cool, dry place after opening.

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  • Now Foods Rolled Oats Organic 24oz

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    Rolled Oats, Organic

    • Good Source of Fiber, Protein and Iron
    • 100% Whole Grain
    • Product of the USA

    Rolled Oats are, well, rolled oats! These oat grains have the outer husk removed and are then steamed and rolled to form a flat flake. Commonly used as oatmeal or a breakfast cereal, and as the basis for many granola products, Rolled Oats are a tasty and convenient way to quickly improve one’s diet.

    Soluble fiber from foods such as rolled oats, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of NOW Real Food® Organic Rolled Oats supplies 2 grams of soluble fiber.

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  • Nutrimor – Moringa Capsules

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    ingredients -Natural vitamin &mineral suppliment
    Dosage- 1-2 capsule s, morning ,afternoon & night before meal

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  • SINFIT® Protein 12 Bars

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    Sinister Labs Sinfit Bars | The Very Best

    It’s tough to stay on track when you’re on the go. That’s why Sinister Labs wanted to create a delicious high-protein snack in convenient bar form – introducing, SinFit. This protein bar is so good that every day will feel like cheat day. Featuring a double layer with a soft cookie core and crunchy protein crisps, this bar is sure to satisfy even the most killer cravings. Packed with 30g of protein per bar and only 350 calories, SinFit is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-protein snack that will keep your hunger satiated for hours. SinFit comes in four great-tasting flavors: Chocolate Crunch, Caramel Crunch, Cinnamon Crunch, and Peanut Butter Crunch. If you’re tired of lackluster protein bar options or if you’re looking for something new to add to your rotation, SinFit is a must try. These bars are sinfully good – now you can have your dessert without the guilt. Order your box of SinFit bars by Sinister Labs today!


    • Double layer high protein crunch bar
    • Four great-tasting flavors
    • 30g of protein per bar
    • Baked soft cookie core
    • Gluten free
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  • SINFIT® Protein Cookies 10 Pack

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    Grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies may have just met their match. Fall in love with chocolate all over again with our Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Covered with Chocolate Icing and Chocolate Chips. Our chocolate chip protein cookie was specifically designed and specially made for all the chocolate lovers and enthusiasts around the world. Each Chocolate Chip Cookie is gluten free and packed with 20 grams of protein, meeting your daily protein has never been so delicious. Crush your Chocolate Cravings one Chocolate Chip cookie at a time

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  • Sinister Labs Peanut Spread (Non-Caffeinated) – 12 Oz

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    Sinister Labs Caffeinated and Non-Caffeinated Protein Infused Peanut Spread is a great source of whey protein isolate, essential fats along with a sensibly dosed 40mg hit of caffeine to deliver a unique snack and delicious accompaniment to your diet, that enhances focus and energy throughout the day. Healthy snacking is one of the hardest elements of healthy, performance related nutrition, but Sinister Labs have sorted this with their great tasting and perfectly balanced peanut butter spreads.

    Delivering a biologically available source of protein, alongside a healthy source of fat and caffeine, Sinister Labs have got your morning, mid-meal, pre-workout and evening snack well and truly covered.
    Very versatile nut butter

    Sinister Labs’ Peanut Spreads are a perfect way to start the day mixed in a smoothie or protein shake, stirred through some oats, or as a mid-meal snack. If you suffer from the occasional craving for something sweet like most of the CSN team, a teaspoon or two of Protein Infused Peanut Spreadn is nothing short of perfect.



    • Blend of whey protein isolate and peanuts
    • 12g protein per serving
    • Backed by Flex Lewis – 212 Mr Olympia
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